Chicago, IL,
16:41 PM

Humans of GSU: German Cutz

"I was exposed to computer programming at a younger age. My dad started off with Flash. He didn't go to school for it. He would just buy books and study, so I learned ActionScript from him. When I got to high school, I took an AP Java course. I fell in love with it, especially because I was able to build something—little by little—out of nothing. That is when I realized Computer Science could open doorways for me to be able to create a future I can be happy with."

First thing is first; I will pursue my graduate degree in Cognitive Science—after I complete my bachelor's degree—so that I can integrate psychology with technology."

I want to develop a software that can help individuals with autism and Down syndrome to enhance their functional communication skills. Currently, we don't have enough programs that cater to people with such conditions. That is unfortunate because these people learn differently."

German Cutz, Sophomore, Computer Science, #HumansOfGSU