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Chicago, IL,
17:00 PM

5th Annual Black Women Rock Awards Ceremony

Celebrate the Nominees

The following students, faculty, and staff will be honored and celebrated at the 5th Annual Black Women Rock Awards Ceremony on Saturday, February 18, in the Center for Performing Arts. For more information call 708.534.4551 or email

Someone who is an outstanding scholastic leader and researcher in her field or discipline, who excels academically, and is working towards publishing or has published works in her field. She contributes significantly to the scholastic world and continues to build on her research.
Two awards will be given in this category, one faculty/staff and one student.


Kendall Wright
Linda Coleman
Antonia Jones
Donnica Gordon

Dr. Nicole Warmington-Granston
Dr. Jennifer Armstrong

Presented to a woman who has performed outstanding service and made significant contributions of time and effort in a cause of significance to the community. Individuals winning this award have displayed an aggressive leadership role by building relationships with elected officials that directly impact public policy, by actively taking the message of their cause to media outlets, and/or by developing grassroots and community initiatives.
Two awards will be given in this category, one faculty/staff and one student.


Ameenah Rashid
Joy Thomas

Sheryl Jones-Harper
Dr. Vickii Coffey
Dr. Phyllis West

Presented to an educator who has enriched the lives of students through education, mentoring, and involvement. This woman has shown exceptional teaching ability as exemplified through a demonstration of at least two semesters of excellent teaching. She endeavors to inspire and empower students to reach their full potential. This nominee impacts the lives of her students through demanding academic excellence and engagement in educational opportunities.

Dr. Tasha Banks
Dr. Elizabeth Johnson
Dr. Phyllis West
Dr. Darlene Wright

A woman with an exceptional record of philanthropic generosity and commitment who also encourages others to lead in philanthropic endeavors. Additionally this award can be presented to a woman who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in volunteer fundraising by coordinating and motivating groups of volunteers for major fundraising projects for more than one nonprofit organization.

Joyce Coleman

Presented to a staff member who is an everyday campus hero. She helps everyone realize opportunities. She consistently demonstrates a sustained level of outstanding support to the GSU community while fulfilling her job responsibilities on a daily basis in an exemplary fashion. This nominee is recognized for endlessly and selflessly giving herself. She radiates positivity and provides outstanding service to students while serving as mentor, leader, and advocate.

Dartina Dunlap
Lakia Colquitt
Keisha Dyson
Sabrina Slocum
Dr. Tasha Banks

Presented to a woman for her ongoing contributions and influences in the community. She has served as a leader on several occasions and in different capacities. She is well known for the work that she has completed and the efforts she continues to conquer as she uplifts her community. She serves as a role model and trailblazer. She has left behind a legacy for others to follow. She may also be the first to accomplish something in her field or area of expertise.
Winner announced during ceremony 

Presented to a woman who is dedicated to Performing Arts. She expresses her innovative abilities by means of dance, drama, and music. Her work gives an empowering message to those surrounding her. She can be either an upcoming artist or someone who is well established.
Two awards will be given in this category, one faculty/staff and one student.


Saiye Pierre
Janelle Butler

Presented to a woman with exceptional creativity who has earned respect as an innovative and talented artist as demonstrated by a passion for the arts. She appreciates and embodies human creativity. Her work is often appreciated primarily or solely for its imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.
Two awards will be given in this category, one faculty/staff and one student.


Kerby Wells
Arika Rogers

Yevette Brown

Presented to an extraordinary undergraduate student who has shown outstanding leadership and service. She excels academically and has aspirations of making profound change in her community. She supports and encourages others to achieve greatness through academic excellence and service to others.

Ashley Richards
Toi Bowers
August White
Janelle Butler

Presented to a woman who sets very high standards while demonstrating strong leadership skills and an unflinching desire and determination to be successful. As the owner or manager of a business enterprise, she demonstrates perseverance in the face of adversity and overcoming obstacles. She also shows capacity to be an independent thinker and to take on and manage risks in the face of uncertainty. She is seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.

Estellita Sides