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College of Business Graduate Profiles

When 2020 graduate Aaron Ritter originally came to GSU through educational benefits available for military connected students, he was drawn to the MBA program for the Supply Chain Management concentration. Little did he know, this program would inspire a career change. Now he encourages GSU students to persevere.

"There may come a time or difficult course when you wonder if you made the right decision. The 'finish line' to graduation might seem so far away. I took two years off in the middle of the program, thinking I was taking on too much, but with the support of my family, and the phenomenal instructors, I was able to persevere and win the race, and you can too."

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Joesph Ponton returned to GSU to pursue a Master's in Management Information Systems, where it was possible to juggle class, work, and family life--complicated by his daughter being born premature. The support he received from his professors made being a 2020 graduate possible.

"Work hard and pay attention to the lessons that are being taught by your professors. Absorb as much as you can, while you have the chance! Also, meet as many new people as you can. Graduate school is a great time to network and build connections with people that could last a lifetime."

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Lester "Van" Moody is a staple on campus at Governors State University, whether you knew him as President of Student Senate, student representative on the Board of Trustees, or from the hours he spent in the classroom working towards his Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration, you can now know him as a 2020 graduate.

"Get involved in leadership positions and network because it can lead to career opportunities."

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Melissa Dykstra learned the importance of perseverance while attending Governors State University. Having dropped out the Bachelor of Arts in Business and Applied Science program before ultimately completing her degree and becoming a 2020 GSU graduate, she’s now looking forward to applying her newfound knowledge to the workplace. Dykstra encourages GSU students to complete their degrees not matter what life throws at them.

“The advice I would give to students at GSU is to take one semester at a time. I dropped out once and went back. It was by no means easy but completely worth it."

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After ten years as an automotive technician, Christopher Murray decided to leave his career at BMW to pursue his BA in Economics. There were several factors for this 2020 graduate to consider when determining where to finish his degree.

"I have been familiar with GSU my entire life,” Murray explained. "After completing my associates degree from Kankakee Community College, I spoke to numerous GSU alumni who recommended the university and. I also determined GSU had an excellent College of Business. But probably the most important factor was my desire to attend classes in person.”

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