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15:14 PM

Graduate Profile: The Business of Leadership

Get involved in leadership positions and network because it can lead to career opportunities.

Lester "Van" Moody is a staple on campus at Governors State University, from his time spent as the Treasurer and President of Student Senate, to his elected role as student representative on the Board of Trustees, and the hours he has spent in the classroom working towards his Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. Now as he graduates, he looks to bring what he's learned at GSU into the world of financal advising. 

"Being able to grow as a person and contribute to the success of others is one of the many privileges of attending GSU," Moody said.

GSU Newsroom: What Brought you to GSU?

Moody: What brought me to GSU are the programs, affordable tuition, and its proximity to my home. I chose Business Administration as a major because most of my leadership roles at the university involved business. When I first came to GSU I was an education major, and after dealing with the business aspect of the university, I was convinced to switch to business.

GSU Newsroom: What are some of the highlights from your time at GSU?

Moody: Some of the highlights are being in leadership opportunities like being President and Treasurer of Student Government, being elected as the student representative on Board of Trustees, and I even found the love of my life at GSU!

GSU Newsroom: Who were some of the professors who shaped your experience and your future?

Moody: One of the professors that helped shape my experience is Dr. Uday Shinde, who teaches entrepreneurship classes in the College of Business. While I was President of student senate, he allowed me to come and talk to his class about an entrepreneurship opportunity, that will help students learn how to manage and run a small business. It was a great experience for me.

GSU Newsroom: What's next for you after graduation?

Moody: After graduation, I will try to work in my field of finance as a banker, while trying to pursue a certification to be a Financial Advisor.

GSU Newsroom: What advice would you give to current and future Jaguars?

Moody: Get involved in leadership positions and network because it can lead to career opportunities.