University Park, IL,
11:22 AM

Women of Wonder display celebrate GSU's trailblazing women

women of wonder

A Women’s History Month-inspired display near Engbretson Hall, which showcases some familiar jaguar faces, aims to give the trailblazing women in the community “their flowers.”

That’s according to Chaundrea Jenkins, Graduate Assistant for the Center for Student Engagement and Intercultural Programs, who came up with the idea for the showcase, titled “Women of Wonder.”

It includes honorees such as current GSU students and leaders like Director, University Events and Commencement Coordinator Karen Caesar-Smith and President Dr. Cheryl Green. Pictures of the honorees sit atop purple wall-paper in the display, accompanied by a description of how the individual has contributed to the community. Sitting at the foot of the display are three separate colorful floral arrangements. 

For Jenkins, the board not only represents a way to honor women who’ve made an impact in the community but it represents GSU’s diversity. 

“There are staff in the display, there’s administration, there’s students but then they are all not part of the same ethnicity, which was like ‘yes this is exactly what I wanted,” she said. “I wanted people to see these familiar faces that walk around the halls working on their behalf and to say ‘hey, these women are doing things and maybe they can help you or assist you along the way at GSU.”