University Park, IL,
10:28 AM

What's New at GSU

In the next few weeks, we are excited to welcome new students, faculty, and staff to Governors State University. We are delighted that you’ve chosen to be part of our vibrant campus community. To those returning to campus after a restful (or busy) summer, welcome back!

The summer may have seemed quiet on campus, but several exciting projects have been unfolding. With the beginning of the new academic year, these new additions and updates to campus will be officially ready for use.

The Health Center and Student Counseling Services

Members of the GSU community can now receive treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, as well as wellness checks, right on campus. In a partnership with Advocate Health Care, GSU has developed the Health Center and Student Counseling Services, the first health service in the university’s history. Opening August 14 at 1 p.m., the Health Center will provide students access to healthcare offered by one of the largest providers in the Midwest. August clinic hours will be 1 – 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Beginning September 1, hours will shift by one hour: 2 – 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

The clinic will be staffed by Cassandra Brooks, a 2015 GSU graduate and certified family nurse practitioner employed by Advocate and supervised by Prentiss Taylor, M.D., Medical Director of Advocate at Work. Dr. Taylor, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and leader in patient satisfaction, will staff the clinic until Ms. Brooks begins on September 1.


At GSU, we take the word “community” to heart. The needs of one are the concerns of the whole. Inspired by the work of Linda Coleman, a leader among students at GSU, Governors State is proud to launch GSU4U, a resource assistance network that connects Jaguars with the support they need. Whether you are experiencing academic struggles or facing a food or housing crisis, GSU4U can help you find the resources you need both on and off campus.

Everyone struggles at some point, and GSU recognizes that it can be difficult to ask for help. That’s why we’ve set up an easy online assistance request form. You can also call GSU4U at 708.235.2845, email, or stop by A2129.

Jaguar Den

In a similar spirit, the Jaguar Den has evolved from the former Student Lounge, located next to Student Life on the second floor of the A-building. Here, you can find valuable resources that will support your individual needs, such as the Food Bank, Career Closet, and more.

For more information on the Jaguar Den, stop by or email Sheree Sanderson.

New Divisions in the College of Arts and Sciences

Effective July 1, CAS has newly recombined their divisions in an effort to increase inter- and cross-disciplinary learning in the university's largest college. Students and faculty will be better able to work cohesively together with a greater sense of collaboration across units under this new organizational structure. The Division of Arts & Letters—combining the former Humanities and Social Sciences Division with Communications, Visual and Performing Arts—will be chaired by Lori Montalbano, and the Division of Science, Mathematics, and Technology will be headed by Steve Shih.

Undergraduate Advising Center

Supportive advising is a key element of GSU’s undergraduate experience. To advance this experience for our students, GSU has developed a new Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC), which unifies the advisors into one central location. Students can now access an advisor at any time during normal business hours to obtain information. New appointed positions include Lisa Helm, Director of the UAC, and Pam Stipanich, Assistant Director of the UAC.

GSU utilizes Appreciative Advising techniques to get to work with the whole student. By understanding students’ strengths, skills, and abilities, advisors help students achieve their ideal academic experience through course selection and goal planning.

To reach the UAC, email or call 708.534.8043.


A strong brand platform is essential to any organization: it increases awareness and understanding of brand identity not only for those who are already members of the community but also for those who wish to enter. To strengthen our brand identity and its evolving perception, GSU has adopted a new brand platform and tagline.

First, our brand platform: Passion First. Purpose Forever. The degrees achieved at GSU aren’t a terminal experience—they are the beginning of a lifelong journey. We encompass this with our new tagline: Here, you are. Because accessibility is at the heart of our mission, this message adheres to our goal of creating a campus where every individual belongs.

Finally, we have created the Brand Room to show you how to effectively use our new brand platform and tagline. In the Brand Room, you will find key messaging to all of our audiences, visual and verbal guidelines, and how to put it all together. View the Brand Room here.