University Park, IL,
11:35 AM

Well Wishes Welcomed at GSU Sculpture Park

GSU Campaign to Heal Through the Arts

While the world found creative means to connect while  sheltering in place, the recent civil unrest coupled with the continued pandemic restrictions is requiring a wholly new means of finding community and hope.

To help the community find solace and heal, Jeff Stevenson, Director of the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park and Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University, and the Education and Outreach Committee of theNate Board have created the "Wish for The World" campaign.

"We want to assist people as they seek ways to connect with our friends and supporters in meaningful ways,” said Stevenson.

The community is invited to visit the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park with a painted rock, stone, stick, or branch decorated with their Wish for The World intention in mind and bring it to the wishing tree, located near Mark di Suvero's "Yes! For Lady Day".

The collection of wishes will serve as a reminder of the collective good will of the community, hoping for a better, more peaceful future. To Stevenson, this is the best step forward.

“One voice will discover a chorus of voices; our collective energy, wishes and prayers, will move us toward a better day,” he said.

The act of creating the message itself will provide as much comfort and peace, as the symbolic gathering of wishes in the park. Stevenson said the simplicity of the idea makes it adaptable for any skill level, including children.

“It’s a creative outlet for kids of all ages who are cooped up at home and needing some fresh air, sunshine, a museum visit experience, and an opportunity to have some fun.”

The site is already prepared, and creations for Wish for The World are welcomed.