University Park, IL,
09:20 AM

Welcome Week Spring 2019

It’s the second week of the new year, and that means only one thing to Governors State University Student Senate President Lester Van Moody—Spring Welcome Week.

This is an exciting time on campus when students return to classes from a long holiday break to a weeklong celebration packed with fun events designed to help students make life-long friends and memories. 

Says Moody, “This is a chance for students to feel good about getting through the fall and tackling a new semester and for transfer studentsor those who sat out a semesterto get involved if they are unsure where to start."

Here are a few more reasons Jaguars should come out to Spring Welcome Week, Moody said.

See what’s new at GSU. Every year brings a big event that’s promoted during Welcome Week. “In the fall, it was Homecoming. In the spring, students will hear about the university’s 50th anniversary celebration plans, which kick off in February and continue through May 2020.”

Explore interest in clubs and organizations. GSU’s clubs and organizations come out every semester to showcase opportunities for new and returning students. “This is where I first discovered I wanted to be a student leader as a freshman. Now, as a senior, I’m transitioning out and looking for new talent. Welcome Week gives potential student leaders the opportunity to show what they want to bring to the table.”

Remember why you chose GSU. “This is a small campus, and President Maimon likes to say, ‘It’s hard to get lost.’ That’s a good thing because it’s easier to get to know people when you see them again and again. Welcome Week is a good way to build relationships,” Moody said, “and that’s what college is all about.”

Welcome Week kicks off Monday, January 21 with a Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Event in Sherman Hall.

Click here for a full listing of Welcome Week events, including a winter wonderland, tie dye, global karaoke, and basketball games.