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Top 5 Reasons to Consider an Early Childhood Education Career


The Family Development Center (FDC) at Governors State University (GSU) provides an exceptional learning experience for the children of Chicago’s Southland communities and accessible support for their families. If you enjoy working with children and are considering a new career, here are five reasons to consider early childhood education:

1. Make a difference in the lives of students and enjoy an exciting career.

Early childhood teachers help shape the educational experiences for young students, from birth to second grade. You’ll change lives by providing a great academic foundation.

Plus, as an early childhood educator, you’ll get to plan fun and exciting days that are filled with both learning and play!

2. Seasonal schedule allows you to spend more time with family.

As a teacher, you will have summers and holidays off from work, providing you with a chance to spend more time with your own children while maintaining your career. This benefit is great for families, but extends well into your life as you enjoy time for leisure and travel.

3. Find flexibility and great benefits with a job at the Governors State University’s Family Development Center.

The Family Development Center at GSU offers jobs for students and licensed early childhood educators, so you’ll have access and real-world experience as you pursue your degree and after you graduate.

Positions in the FDC offer competitive industry pay as well as benefits including health, dental, vision, and sick/vacation time.

Apply for a position now to begin gaining valuable experience. Visit

4. Your degree is attainable with local programs.

Governors State University offers flexible course schedules for early childhood education programs so you will be able to proceed working full-time. Hybrid classes–including online, evening, and weekend coursework–are available for both undergraduate and graduate programs to help accommodate your busy work schedule.

If you are an entering Illinois student at the freshman level or with an associate degree, AIM HIGH scholarships are available to help cover the cost of your tuition.

5. The time to earn your early childhood education teaching license has never been better.

New legislation at the state of Illinois level has developed the Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity–with a $200 million investment towards training, mentorships, and scholarships for childcare workforce professionals to pursue advanced credentials over the next two years.

Governors State University is incorporating the statewide consortium into its early childhood education programs with the purpose of serving the needs of the incumbent early childhood workforce, advancing racial equity, as well as meeting the needs of employers by streamlining, coordinating, and improving the accessibility of degree completion pathways at Illinois institutions of higher education.