University Park,
09:11 AM

SXL hosts Kinesio Taping Workshop


Governors State University’s School of Extended Learning (SXL) recently celebrated the launch of a new course that shows students the power of kinesio taping.

At SXL’s first two-day Kinesio Taping Foundation Workshop, Instructor Clem Carder taught occupational students and practitioners how to evaluate, assess and treat the needs of patients using the elastic tape designed to mimic the skin to alleviate pain.  The workshop adds to SXL’s robust catalog of courses that offer students hands-on experiences.

“The wonderful thing about the class is, it’s not just lectures; the class is designed for you to leave and start working with patients right away,” said Carder, a certified Occupational Therapy Assistance, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Kinesio Taping Instructor for over 15 years with extensive experience in pain management. “We tape each other, so people are always excited when we put it on their back and their back feels better or if they had a problem with a ligament injury, we tape their knee and it feels better.”

Though the workshop focused on teaching students how to use the tape for muscles, ligament injuries, swelling, and for scar remodeling, it can be used for nearly everything when you know how to use it, Carder said. 

“In my opinion, everybody should know how to use the tape,” she said, noting it has many applications, including as a replacement for some pain medications. “There are some physicians that are using kinesio tape right after a surgery and they find that their patients have less pain, use less pain medications, they heal better, and it’s backed-up by research.”

For Masters of Occupational Therapy alum Dustin Hogan (22’), the workshop gave he and other students a tool to provide the best possible care for those they work with.

The workshop is a commitment to professional growth and exploring opportunities that can help you develop as an aspiring professional,” he said. “It’s very practical and teaches you practical skills based on scientifically studied principles.”

The workshop will be offered again in fall of 2023. For more information, see the workshop's course details here.