University Park, IL,
15:08 PM

Student Senate President strives for a "transparent culture" at GSU

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President of the Student Senate Iliana Manrique wants to build a more transparent culture for Governors State University’s (GSU) student body and academic community.

Iliana, whose presidency began Oct. 8, took on the role after Ruben Lopez.  stepped down. For her, transparency means making “sure any concerns are being heard and taken care of.” That also ties into the importance of her role as president .

“It’s a way to provide excellent opportunities for communication between educators and the student body, advocate for students, and find ways to enhance their college experience,”  Iliana said.

The mission of the Student Senate is to promote the general welfare of GSU students. This is accomplished through the representation of student concerns, viewpoints and interests regarding governance issues to the administration, staff and faculty.

For more information about Student Senate or to reach a senator, please send a message to