University Park, IL,
19:22 PM

SDA Helps Southland Businesses Access Stimulus Funds

To help small businesses and individuals in the Southland secure federal and state loans as COVID-19 ravages the economy, the Southland Development Authority (SDA) is launching a Southland Equitable Recovery Stimulus Plan.

Under the plan, the SDA will play an outreach and clearinghouse role and provide immediate assistance to businesses most in need of help, including minority- and women-owned firms, and those in distressed communities.

The  program is an emergency project of the SDA, recently formed with a mission to coordinate and manage the implementation of the South Suburb’s long-term, large-scale, economic growth strategy, as part of the South Suburban Economic Growth Initiative (SSEGI). 

Governors State University (GSU) President Elaine P. Maimon is a founding board member of the SDA. Jun Zhao, Dean of GSU's College of Business, is a co-chair of SSEGI’s Workforce Development Leadership Group. Dr. Zhao said the assistance is well timed. 

"This is an important initiative in the Southland, many parts of which were struggling before the pandemic hit. These funds will help sustain businesses and individuals through this very difficult time,'' she said.

For those who need assistance to access the stimulus funds and loan programs, please sign up online here. Interested parties may also call 708-232-6098  and leave a brief message for a business advisor.