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14:46 PM

Radio Jaguar to launch in November

Radio Jaguar Logo

Radio Jaguar will hit Governors State University’s (GovState) airwaves on Nov. 2 with streaming music, news, and podcasts that serve the GovState and Southland communities. The student-run internet station will provide real-world experience and training in radio programming, production and management for students.

Radio Jaguar is a great opportunity for someone to share their passion on the radio - this can be passion for a type of music or passion for journalism or passion for a topic,” said Dr. Lara Hrycaj, Radio Jaguar Faculty Advisor.

The station’s programming will be created for and by the GovState community and is open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and Southland residents. From its launch, Radio Jaguar will be available on the station's webpage, with hopes of one day having an app, too.

“This can be a place to make long-lasting friendships and a place to be creative. I want Radio Jaguar to be a place for fun, creativity, friendship, and connection,” said Hrycaj.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of Radio Jaguar must successfully complete the Radio Staff Training Workshop (MST 4050). It will cover basic radio production skills, rules and regulations to prepare people to be Radio Jaguar staff. 

This fall, two training sections are being offered, one for current GovState students only and another for the entire GovState community. The sessions are offered on two consecutive Fridays from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and are on-campus/in-person only. Permission to register for the class is required for everyone, except for media studies students that have taken MST 2100 and MST 2101. Email Dr. Hrycaj ( for permission to register.

The workshop for students will be held Sept. 8 and Sept. 15, while the workshop for the GovState community will be held Oct. 13 and Oct. 20. For any who miss out on these sessions, additional sections will be offered in spring 2024.

To learn more about Radio Jaguar and workshop training, visit this page.