University Park, IL,
13:36 PM

New Student Senate Members Elected

Congratulations to the newly elected members of Governors State University's Student Senate 2020-2021! Meet your representatives and read what they hope to achieve below.


Jenna Naser

As your Senior Class representative my desire is to be the voice of the student body by promoting job resources specific to our majors, continuing education after completing our BA and a support system to stay on track for graduation.





Julia Murphy

As a GSU student and U.S. Army Veteran, my goal is to connect more veterans, military personnel and their families to the sources that will aid them in their success at GSU and beyond the university experience.





Jeanine Latrice Koger

It is my goal to bring fair, transparent, and equitable fiduciary adeptness to the Student Senate in my role as our Board of Trustees Representative.





Musa Ak Touray

My vision is change for the betterment of our school. I will fight for equality for all the students in this great institution of learning as the 2020-2021 Student Senate Vice President.





Iliana Manrique

As the College of Education Representative at GSU, I plan on being an advocate for students and to find ways to enhance their college experience.





Mark Tyler

As student senate president I plan to create an outlet where student voices are heard in an environment where students feel belonging.





Lonzo Lynn

As student senate treasurer I intend to work hard, listen to your ideas, and do everything in my power to assure that the proper resources are guaranteed to each club and organization.





Shelly Asas

As the newly elected Student Senate Secretary, I plan to assist the student senate President along with GSU administration to make changes for the better for the GSU students and Jaguar community.





Jamaal Huffman

I plan to achieve a look of more diversity, understanding and a positive outlook on business and how it could help us as a College of Business and Public Administration Representative.





Lluvia Hernandez Aguirre

As First Year Student Representative, I hope to help foster an inclusive and warm community among first year students despite the roadblocks that prevent us from physically meeting and connecting.