University Park, IL,
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Khalil Marrar, Ph.D.


International Studies, Comparative Political Systems, International Political Economy and Institutions, American, Ancient, and Modern Political Theory Expert

Khalil Marrar

Khalil Marrar is an Associate Professor at Governors State University where he is part of the nationally-acclaimed freshman cohort experience launched when the university welcomed its first freshman class in 2014.

Dr. Marrar completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Illinois State University, and he earned his doctorate degree in Political Science at Loyola University. Born in Kuwait, he has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East and is widely published in the areas of International Studies; Comparative Political Systems; International Political Economy and Institutions; and American, Ancient, and Modern Political Theory. 

A passionate advocate for peace, Dr. Marrar has taught and lectured on some of the most prestigious campuses in the Midwest, including Loyola, DePaul, and University of Chicago and is highly sought by the media as a terror expert by  multiple local and national networks, including NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS television, and Fox News Chicago.

 Dr. Marrar joined Governors State  in 2009. 

Dr. Marrar's Research Focus:

  • Foreign Policy and Terrorism Expert 
  • Public Policy
  • Administration and Middle East Politics

Recent Relevant Work: