University Park, IL,
12:36 PM

Katherine Carl, Ph.D.


 Online Course Design and Video Game Design Expert

Katherine Carl

Dr. Katherine Carl is the Program Coordinator for the Master of Science in Business Analytics and an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics and Management Information Systems at Governors State University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Illinois Wesleyan University before earning her Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from University of Arizona. 

Before Governors State University, Dr. Carl taught at Brigham Young University, University of the Incarnate World, and West Texas A&M University.

Dr. Carl's Research Focus:

  • Online course design
  • Video game design
  • Tacit and explicit knowledge acquisition
  • Graph theory applications

Relevant Work:

Dr. Carl's YouTube Channel:

Dr. Carl is available to talk about online course design, video game design, tacit and explicit knowledge acquisition, and graph theory applications. If you would like to arrange an interview with Dr. Carl, please contact Zion Banks, Media & External Relations, 708.235.7685 or