University Park, IL,
15:03 PM

Jaguars' Thoughts on Moving Back into Prairie Place

As Governors State University welcomes students into Prairie Place this week during staggered move in times, new students are adjusting to living on campus while returning Jaguars are adjusting to the new normals of university housing.

Colton Krska, an accounting major returning for his third year in the dorms, is sharing a room this year with his brother Logan, a freshman community health major along the pre-physical therapy pathway. Both sat down to discuss their thoughts on moving into Prairie Place. 

Colton: "The past two years at Prairie Place have been great experiences where I have been able to meet some of my best friends on campus. Previously, the resident assistants at the dorms have put on events for students to get together and have a great time. While living in the dorms is not going to be the same as prior years, I plan on making the best of the situation.

There are plenty of ways to connect with other students that does not risk the safety of any students. With all of my classes being conducted virtually, I plan to spend most of my time inside my dorm room. This will include attending synchronous virtual class sessions and working virtual office hours for my peer mentor position in the Center for the Junior Year.

Luckily, I will spending time with a roommate that I have literally known my entire life, my brother Logan! I cannot wait for my brother and I to spend the school year living off on our own at Prairie Place.

Logan: This upcoming school year will be my first year living at Prairie Place. While this year is quite different than others, I am still super excited to be living on campus. Mostly, I am looking forward to a change in both pace and scenery. By being on campus, I want to be able to get back into a routine of going to class and completing my coursework. All my classes this year are online, but many of my professors are going to meet regularly to help make this year feel a little more normal. I am still aiming to connect with the people in my classes to make new friends.

By moving out of my house and into Prairie Place, I hope to be more productive and meet new people. In addition, I am looking forward to venturing around Governors State to see everything that GSU has to offer. This year I was fortunate to be offered a job as a Student Ambassador. One of the main jobs of an Ambassador is to give tours of GSU. This year I plan on exploring the campus to become a better Student Ambassador and to get to know the campus better. While this year may not be what the ideal freshman year is, I still plan on making the most of it and enjoying having the opportunity to live on campus.