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Jaguars' Advice for a Successful Remote Semester

Welcome back, Jaguars! As we enter the spring semester, Governors State students, who are now seasoned pros in remote learning, offer their advice for finishing the academic year strong!

Find a Study Space

"To be more efficient in completing your work while studying from home, in addition to separating your study space from your bedroom, study in a space different from your usual study area one day out of the week." --Aaron West, Master of Science in Biology 




Dress for Success 

“When Governors State switched to fully remote learning, I started a bad habit of rolling out of bed minutes before class or work started. My hair was not made, my contacts were not in, and I still had my pajamas on. This gave me a terrible mindset and a constant feeling of unpreparedness. That is why I started dressing for success. I tried to carry out my normal routines that I used prior to quarantine. This helped make me more prepared and confident in my abilities to succeed in online learning. I was able to turn my camera on, which made it easier to engage with my professors and fellow classmates.” --Colton Krska, Accounting

Stay Organized

“Be sure to use a planner or calendar to map out a schedule for yourself. This helps to build a structure - just like you would have if we were on campus!”--Jennifer Kordik, Masters of Occupational Therapy






“Once I have my syllabuses for the semester, I make an excel sheet that has every assignment and their due date. I then section it off week by week, so I can best manage and plan out what I need to complete on a weekly basis. I make sure this information is included in my planner too, so I can factor my school obligations with my work and social obligations!”--Athanasios "Tommy" Kolovos, Master of Arts in Political and Social Justice Studies





"I would highly encourage all students to have a planner with them all the time on their desks while studying, and especially during class! You never know when you need to write a new due date on your planner. I would highly suggest a physical planner... If you write it, most likely you will remember it! I check my planner and add assignments and reminders to it every day. It's like a routine, whenever I wake up, I check my planner. Also, at the beginning of each month, I like to write the due dates I have for that entire month. It helps me stay organized and on track. It also helps me manage my time better and finish my to-do lists faster. If you see your to-do list every day, you are more likely to set a goal to finish it!" --Rama Diab, Elementary Education



Keep Open Communication with Professors

“The most important thing to do is to communicate with your professors professionally and frequently. Professionally being in format and demeanor of the text used. In the past, I have been too scared to reach out to professors, but that only hurt me. Being comfortable emailing professors when you have questions or concerns is necessary.” --Eman Samra, Master of Accounting



Set Boundaries

My tip for students would be to set a clear schedule and be honest about the times they can can commit to something. This sets clear boundaries in the mind and takes the pressure off of trying to use time in a way that really doesn’t work for them.” --Hajja Madinah Yamini, Psychology






“Remember to take breaks every now and then. If you know that if you will have a hard time getting back to work mode after taking a break, then take the break after you have pushed yourself to get all of the work done first. If you know that you can easily jump back into your grinding mode after taking a quick break, then take the necessary self care for a few moments before being productive again." --Shelly Asas, Health Administration Major, Business Administration & Marketing Minor



Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself!

“Take care of your mental and physical health- Yes, I know most gyms are closed in the pandemic, but you could workout at home (Youtube). Try to eat healthy and exercise. Furthermore, I suggest students to seek a mental health professional. There are licensed counselors at the Counseling and Wellness Center.” --John Ruiz, Elementary Education




 “Don’t let being at home take your eye off of the prize! Take advantage of the work space that you have created for yourself and keep in mind that there are resources available to be successful anywhere you are learning.” --Marquis Parks, Accounting Major and Dance Minor