University Park, IL,
09:20 AM

Humans of GSU: Robert Rauh

“This summer my brother audited my digital forensics class with me and it surprised him that I wasn’t pursuing it. It was obvious that it was coming naturally to me, but it did not hold my interest.

I gravitate toward things that are a challenge.

I prefer cyber security, virtualization, and networking. I graduated from Prairie State College with an associate's in Science and had enough credits to be a math minor but that would have led to some form of Computer Science major, and I was looking for something else.

The pivotal point came when I met with my GSU advisor. After hearing what I was looking for, he suggested I choose to the Information Technology Program instead of Computer Science.

Game designers, web developers, and programmers follow the computer science path, but I am more interested in hardware and networking —more specifically the network accessibility, management, and security.

I know I could have succeeded in Computer Science, but I am happy to know I don’t have to write code. My path still isn’t clear, but it was like a veil was lifted when I found the Information Technology program at GSU.”

— Robert Rauh, Senior, Information Technology, #HumansOfGSU