University Park, IL,
10:00 AM

Humans of GSU: Manuel Reza

“While growing up in a Spanish-speaking household, my parents always stressed the importance of preserving our family’s customs; for this reason, being Hispanic has become an integral part of my identity as a person, as well as a student at Governors State University.

As Hispanic Heritage Month approaches, GSU reminds me to be proud of my Mexican ancestry. From concerts showcasing Hispanic musicians to assemblies discussing Latinx history, I am happy to know that GSU advocates for Hispanic and Latinx American pride. Additionally, the diversity of GSU’s entire student body, staff, and faculty helps me feel welcomed as a minority. GSU includes everyoneno matter who they are.

Right now, I am pursing my Master of Arts in English. Although I am still unsure of which career to pursue, my  experience at GSU has ignited my desire to work in an academic setting—specifically in higher education. Regardless of my position, I want to spread GSU’s message of inclusion and diversity to a new generation of students.”

—Manuel Reza, Graduate Student, English, #HumansOfGSU