University Park, IL,
10:00 AM

Humans of GSU: Lurenzo Carr

“Did I think it was even possible to study abroad before coming to Governors State University (GSU)? Absolutely not. I had tried to travel before, but it wasn’t feasible. Then I received an email saying GSU was looking for a Global Service Learning Scholar; which means they’re looking for a student who has never been out of the country before with a unique educational background, like being a first-generation college student, and they pay for their entire trip. I felt like I kept seeing it everywhere. I finally met with one of the faculty members involved with the trip and she told me I should apply, that it would be a life changing experience.

I got the scholarship and it was life changing. It was truly a blessing to go on that trip, I could never have anticipated how great it went. It’s huge to go to a completely different hemisphere and connect with peers with similar interests and faculty leaders in such a positive way. They’re a great group of people and I want to keep those connections. I still talk to people from the Global Brigade in Ghana too. I want to go back and reconnect.”

—Lurenzo Carr, Graduate Student, Psychology, #HumansofGSU