University Park, IL,
16:21 PM

GSU to hold "Reimagining the Electric Vehicle Industry" event

Reggie Greenwood reimagine promtion

Governors State University College of  Business wants the public to re-think the power of electric vehicles  and is hosting an Earth Day event to foster networking and discussion.

Slated for April 22, Reimagining the Electric Vehicle Industry'' will be hosted by the Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator (SCICBI). Director Reggie Greenwood called it a “celebration of clean tech” that will explore the Reimagining Electric Vehicles (REV) in Illinois Act.  The new law passed in November 2021, and promises to create jobs, enhance competitiveness in and support the state’s climate agenda.

“I think by having the state of Illinois, Congresswoman Robin Kelly’s office, and all these other universities, and private sector companies  attend, the event becomes like an organizing forum,” Greenwood said. “Illinois (wants) to become the Silicon Valley of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. SCICBI is contributing to that goal via working on EV supply chain projects with numerous partners.” 

In January 2022, a sustainable EV supply chain project co-led by Associate Professor John Simon was one of four seed funding recipients selected by the Illinois Innovation Network. 

The Earth Day event will feature the following main speakers:

Dan Seals, CEO of Intersect Illinois, a public private partnership focused on global business development for Illinois.  Seals oversees all aspects of the organization, including marketing, sales, financing, and personnel. He will discuss the vision for the Electric Vehicle industry.

Sylvia I. Garcia, Acting Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), leads a team comprised of eleven core bureaus and several administrative offices that are focused on deploying capital investments, modernizing workforce development, supporting growth of small and large businesses, assisting communities with development and infrastructure, and attracting equitable investment throughout Illinois.  Garcia will offer a public policy perspective to the discussion, including how it relates to jobs, taxes, competitiveness and environmental impact.

Rick Bryant, Chief of Staff for U.S.  Congresswoman Robin Kelly’s office, assists on issues including infrastructure, transportation, social justice, the environment, economic development and national parks. A former journalist, Bryant volunteers on boards of the Historic Pullman Foundation, Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce, and Respond Now. He also drives an electric car. Bryant will talk about the EV industry from the perspective of the federal government.

An industry roundtable including representatives from current EV manufacturers will follow the presentations. Guests will also have the option to take a guided tour of the nationally recognized Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park after the main event.

For more information about the event and register, please visit: