University Park, IL,
16:39 PM

GSU School Counseling Professor Named Educator of the Year

For Immediate Release

University Park, IL - Dr. Katie Wix, Assistant Professor of Counseling, has only been an educator at Governors State University since last August, but she has already earned recognition for her work as an educator of school counselors.

Dr. Wix was recently awarded the 2016 Illinois School Counselor Educator of the Year by the Illinois School Counselor Association (ISCA) at their annual conference. This honor was bestowed for her work at GSU and Northern Illinois University.

At GSU, Dr. Wix teaches in the school counseling preparation program and works closely with school counselors-in-training to implement American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national standards in the classroom. Dr. Wix wants her students to graduate from GSU knowing how to create comprehensive developmental school counseling programs that are evidence-based and data driven. The school counselors-in-training at GSU use data to identify school concerns and student needs, which are integral to academic achievement and student success. GSU graduate students in school counseling help students overcome barriers to learning while working to create systemic change.

“As educators, we have an impact on our students’ lives as they enter a new profession,” said Dr. Wix. “This award recognizes the importance of involvement and advocacy at the state level for school counseling and for school counselors-in-training.”

According to Dr. Wix, the positive impact can be seen in the involvement of GSU school counselors-in-training with local school districts and classrooms. Dr. Wix is pleased with the university’s focus on collaborative partnerships between the university and the community. As an example, she cited her work with students at GSU to create developmentally appropriate counseling curricula that is inclusive of state mandated goals and outcomes for students pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.

“It means our students are very up-to-date and involved,” said Dr. Wix. “It is great to be a part of a program where we can bring state and national standards to the classroom.”