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GSU partners with Village of Bradley for public management course

Natalia Ermasova

Governors State University (GSU) is partnering with the Village of Bradley for a new Master’s Capstone course which integrates classroom learning with municipal programming and legislation experience. 

The course, PADM 8900 Problems in Applied Public Management, requires students to work in a team of 2 or 3 to analyze an organizational or policy problem and to deliver a professional report to the Village of Bradley. The report will specify the problem or task, define alternatives and propose a recommended course of action.  The partnership with Bradley will provide instructors access to valuable real-world experiences in conducting research, problem-solving, and analyzing data.

The course will also provide students with new knowledge about effective management of teams, negotiation skills, project planning and monitoring, and professional presentation skills. 

“We are excited to offer this course PADM 8900 to our Master of Public Administration (MPA) students with real world experience in local government," said Dr. Natalia Ermasova,  Associate Professor of Public Policy and Administration. "We worked together with Village of Bradley and our students to match their unique skills and interests based on their previous working experience.”

Some of the projects that students will work on in the Village of Bradley include:

1. Property Tax Rebate Program, Sales Tax Rebate Program

2. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

3. Landlord and Business Registration: Streamline Best Practice for Data Intake and Programing

4. Public Works Department: Work Order Analysis, Software Setup, Implementation Plan

5. EDO/ECO Research – Business District fund utilization / Tourism Board

6. Rte. 50 South Corridor (Road Improvements): Local Business Private Property Research 

In future semesters, possible projects may include help with financial analysis, fundraising, advocacy, analysis of a nonprofit organization’s financial position, writing fiscal restructuring plans for a local government agency or nonprofit, strategic planning, and volunteer training. Depending on complexity, some projects may be completed in one semester or span multiple semesters with new groups of students.

Face to face classes begin Jan. 20 while others will be held online. 

For more information contact Dr. Ermasova at