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GSU Expert Evaluates States with the Best Health Infrastructure for Coronavirus

Governors State University professor and program coordinator for Community Health Joseph Day, was recently featured as a subject matter expert in a Wallethub story which sought to determine the states with the best health infrastructure for coronavirus.

"The coronavirus pandemic is the 'largest, most serious health crisis that has hit this nation in more than 100 years,' according to CDC director Robert Redfield. That’s not hard to see, considering the unprecedented social distancing measures that have affected the lives of all Americans. Many parts of the U.S. were caught unprepared for a pandemic of this scale, running out of space in hospitals and lacking adequate supplies for doctors and nurses. However, some states’ healthcare systems were better equipped to deal with the onslaught of the virus than others.

In order to determine the states that had the best health infrastructure to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 14 unique metrics. As states work to keep their citizens safe during the coronavirus pandemic, WalletHub turned to a panel of experts for further insight on how to have the best health infrastructure.

Joseph Day

Dr. Day  – Associate Professor, Program Director Community Health Program, Governors State University

In evaluating the states with the best health infrastructure for handling the Coronavirus outbreak, what are the top five indicators?

Day: Medicare expansion, the high number of community-based clinics, a high number of employers who provide paid time off, increased safety nets for residents, and increased access to that safety net.

What are the biggest challenges for hospitals in responding to COVID-19 and what strategies can be used in order to mitigate these challenges?

Day: The present model––which is profit-driven––is unsustainable.

How could local authorities best support hospitals and healthcare providers responding to COVID-19?

Day: Support the move to universal healthcare, there will be other pandemics not to mention the coming climate emergencies. We need to prepare for a world in constant turmoil and universal healthcare could be an important tool."