Chicago, IL,
15:15 PM

GSU Board Approves Tuition Freeze

University Continues to Front Students’ MAP Funding



University Park, IL. - Governors State University reaffirmed its commitment to providing an affordable and accessible high-quality education for its students by freezing tuition and renewing its pledge to front funds for Monetary Award Program (MAP) eligible students for the upcoming academic year.

At its meeting on Friday, March 4, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously for no tuition increase for the coming academic year. Last month, GSU President Elaine P. Maimon announced, “GSU is open and staying open.” She also promised the university’s continued support of students by accepting the liability for the MAP assistance to low-income students with the expectation of reimbursement by the state. In the current academic year, GSU has covered $3 million in student MAP money for 1,941 students.

President Maimon said she is pleased with the Board of Trustees’ decision. “That action, combined with Governors State University’s continuing commitment to front MAP money, should allow our students to enroll and concentrate on their studies without worrying about whether the State will honor its promises to them.”

For many GSU students, affordable tuition and financial aid make the difference between obtaining a college degree and dreaming of one. By keeping its doors open and remaining student-focused, GSU maintains its dedication to its mission, and sustains its role as a vital economic resource for the surrounding communities and State of Illinois.