University Park, IL,
16:04 PM

GSU Athletics Helping Drive Campus Enrollment

Despite a delay in fall sports participation, Jaguars expect their highest enrollment of student-athletes since varsity sports began five years ago. Coaching staffs from Governors State's nine varsity teams have been busy building their rosters for 2020-21 as a new school year approaches.

Governors State coaches have secured commitments from 60 recruits, ranging from high school seniors to junior college transfers. This year's incoming class continues to broaden GSU's geographical scope: women's soccer player Chloe Cantave was born and raised in Haiti; Glenn Rhone (men's basketball) calls New Orleans home while Madison Wakaliuk (volleyball) is an Alaskan native.

The recruiting process has also attracted international students to University Park. Last year, the volleyball team featured players from Serbia and Montenegro while the men's soccer program drew students from England, Nigeria, Serbia, Senegal and Ukraine for its inaugural campaign.

Over the last 12 months, Governors State coaches have brought over 130 new students to campus, due in part to the addition of two teams (women's and men's soccer in 2019) and the expansion of rosters for all teams. It's a trend Director of Athletics Tony Bates would like to see continue.

"I'm proud of the fact that Governors State sports teams are expanding their rosters," said Bates. "I think it's important for our student-athletes to have a well-rounded experience, a combination of great academic and athletic opportunities. I look forward to our continued growth."

In July, the university announced it would delay most fall sports until the spring, following the lead of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) to postpone fall national championships for soccer and volleyball until the spring. Read more