University Park, IL,
10:16 AM

GSU Alum Featured in CSIFF

GSU alum Arika Rogers is the director of Lonely Souls, one of 19 films to be screened during the inaugural Chicago Southland International Film Festival at Governors State University tomorrow and Sunday.

Rogers’ Lonely Souls will be shown between 6:30-8:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 15 during the Graduate Short Films – Narrative category of the festival.

The young director joins a long list of talented GSU alum working across the Chicagoland area. The film festival will provide a much needed spotlight, she said.

“Hopefully this event’s success will allow more people will see what Governors State has produced, and are able to take something from it.’’

She said an encounter with her own roommate inspired Lonely Souls.

“It started off as a three-page script for professor Daniel Nearing’s Screenplay project class. While I was sitting in my room doing my exam, I was racking my brain. Then, I suddenly remembered the time that I thought my roommate was in her room—only for her to come home shortly after. When I remember how uneasy I had felt—because I was sure she had been in her room that whole time—I had my script!”

For a complete schedule of events on Saturday and Sunday, please visit the CSIFF website.

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