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Graduate Profile: Double Alumna Returns to GSU

The best advice I can give GSU students is to remember to be kind to themselves.

After receiving her bachelor's and master's degrees in English from Governors State University, Maria Ramirez was enjoying working with at-risk youth and high school students as an English tutor. 

But her role in the high school expanded as the number of teachers shrank over the next two years. Then, Ramirez realized she wanted to be a teacher. Knowing just the place to go, Ramirez came back to Governors State University and is now graduating with a Professional Educator License 

GSU Newsroom: When did you complete your first degrees at GSU? 

Ramirez: I am a double alumna of Governors State University. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English in 2013 and with my Master of Arts in English in 2015. A few years after graduating, I decided to come back to GSU to pursue my Professional Educator License.

GSU Newsroom: What are some of the highlights from your time at GSU? 

Ramirez: Some of the highlights from my time at GSU is working as a Recruiting Specialist in the Office of Admissions. I met some of the kindest people working there. In addition, during my experience at GSU in both my undergraduate and graduate degree is that I was involved in several student organizations such as ALAS (Association of Latin American Student), as a writer for the Phoenix Student Newspaper, and as a TWAG (This Week at GSU) host.

GSU Newsroom: Who were some of the professors who shaped your experience and your future? 

Ramirez: There were so many professors that really helped shape my experience at GSU. For example, Dr. Kerri Morris and Dr. Rashidah Muhammad during my undergraduate and graduate years. Dr. Morris encouraged me to grow as a writer and Dr. Muhammad encouraged me to pursue a career in teaching. In completing my teaching certification, one of my favorite teachers has been Dr. Amy Vujaklija. She inspires me to become a teacher that makes sure to have equity and inclusion in the classroom. 

GSU Newsroom: What's next after graduation? 

Ramirez: After graduating, I plan on teaching high school English Language Arts. I am so excited! 

GSU Newsroom: What advice would you give GSU students?  

Ramirez: The best advice I can give GSU students is to remember to be kind to themselves. There will be stress and hardship sometime along the way of completing their degree. Therefore, it is important to have a good support system and to do things that are good for them such as exercising, hanging out with families and friends, and eating good food.