University Park, IL,
13:55 PM

Governors State Student Featured in Emmy Awarded Video Series

Governors State University doctoral student Gladys Marquez, was featured in the video series Illinois Education Association (IEA) Teacher’s Stories that recently won an Emmy.

The video series highlights what teachers do inside and outside of the classroom and displays the importance of educators and reinforces their purpose.

Bridget Shanahan, spokeswoman for IEA, notes the series was created to shine a light on the work done by educators every day.

“It’s really important that people know our educators are going above and beyond every single day to make sure their students have everything they need. It’s a way to amplify our voice and make people aware of the great work they do,” she said.

Marquez, an Interdisciplinary Leadership doctoral candidate at Governors State as well as a teacher at Eisenhower High School and national chairperson of the Hispanic Caucus for the NEA, said she is honored to receive the award.

In an interview with the Daily Southtown, Marquez said, “We’re in the profession to do what’s right for children. In the film, some of my students talk about how we’ve embraced the idea of advocacy and support, of being the change we need to see in the world.”

These principles reflect the work she does at Governors State in the Interdisciplinary Leadership program. Her studies in how to be an effective and influential leader and meet real-world problems and issues with sophisticated, multi-dimensional perspectives and solutions, show clearly in her current work as a teacher.

“It speaks to the work we do as educators, every day,” she said.