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Governors State Publishing Books Across the Arts and Sciences

Governors State University is filling up libraries! In the coming months multiple faculty members and administration across the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) will have their published books released.

Associate Provost Rosemary Johnsen coedited "Public Scholarship in Literary Studies" and authored the final chapter, “Literary Study Writ Large.” The book, published by Amherst College Press, is a collection of essays by accomplished practitioners of public scholarship in literary studies. The collection offers theory and practice designed to inspire literary scholars with a renewed sense of purpose and a vision for how their work can contribute to better understanding of current crises. Set to release mid-March and written and compiled amidst a pandemic and national social unrest, Amherst College Press heralds the collection as accessible and timely.

"I am excited to be bringing out work on this topic via the Amherst College Press peer-reviewed, digital-first, open-access platform. The subjects of the essays match so beautifully with what the Amherst College Press believes in and stands for: pathbreaking scholarship available to all readers," said Dr. Johnsen.

In philosophy, "Reparative Environmental Justice in a World of Wounds" will be released this December by Ben Almassi, professor of philosophy, gender and sexuality studies, and interdisciplinary studies. The book discusses the possibilities and practices of reparative environmental justice, the act of repairing a damaged earth. Reviewer Marion Hourdequin of Colorado College stated of the book, “Deftly weaving together theory and practice, this insightful contribution provides a relational lens through which to consider topics as varied as ecological restoration, animal ethics, toxic waste, and intergenerational ethics."


Professor of art history Rebecca Siefert’s "Into the Light: The Art and Architecture of Lauretta Vinciarelli" is set to release in February of 2021. Dr. Siefert said the book, “presents the first comprehensive study of Vinciarelli’s work in art and architecture, offering a unique lens through which to reassess the revival of architectural drawing in the late 1970s as connected to larger theoretical, pedagogical, and political aims to shed new light on this electrifying period.”



Some previously published books in CAS are also being recognized. History professor and Faculty Senate president David Golland’s book, "A Terrible Thing to Waste: Arthur Fletcher and the Conundrum of the Black Republican," was recently picked for the Washburn University 2020-2021 iRead program. Dr. Golland visited the college virtually to host a Q&A.



Andrae Marak, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, notes that the continued scholarship of the college is reflective of their commitment to the mission statement.

“GSU's mission and our strategic plan focus on providing students with ‘an exceptional and accessible education,’ one component of which is making sure to hire and nurture exceptional faculty at every step of their career. I like to tell our new tenure track faculty that they will be scholars with emerging national reputations by the time that they reach tenure and will be making a truly national, and in some cases, international impacts by the time that they are full professors,” said Dr. Marak

“These faculty, all of whom are committed to being first-rate teacher-scholars, epitomize this excellence even as they remain accessible to students and deeply rooted in our local community.