University Park, IL,
10:28 AM

Governors State partners with South Suburban for TransferBoost

Dr. Green and SSC College TransferBOOST signing

Governors State University recently partnered with South Suburban College to  participate in the TransferBOOST (Bachelor’s Opportunity Options that are Straightforward and Transparent) to support students seeking bachelor's degrees after receiving associate degrees at partnering community colleges.

The program, a collaboration between Institute for Higher Education Policy, HCM Strategists, Illinois Board of Higher Education, Illinois Community College Board, three public universities, and five community colleges, is a multi-year state-level initiative developed to provide students affordable, quality, well-supported two- to four-year pathways.  Benefits to students ensure:

  1. Their credits earned at one institution will transfer and apply to bachelor’s degree completion;
  2. Their costs will be streamlined;
  3. Their time-to-degree will be minimized; and
  4. Their awareness of and participation in a degree pathway will be clearly communicated.