University Park, IL,
15:44 PM

Governors State Launches "Southland Health and Wellness Hour" Podcast

Contact: Zion Banks

Governors State University



University Park, IL –The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Governors State University (GSU) is launching a culturally tailored podcast, "Southland Health and Wellness Hour," on Oct. 15 that connects Southland residents with health care professionals to help the community deal with COVID-19.

Headed by Director of Community Engagement, Program Development and Academic Success Tonya Roberson, each of the 20 episodes will begin with a “real-world” story from someone who has overcome an obstacle by incorporating health and wellness into their lives or with the help of a community resource. Dr. Roberson will then explore the topic with medical experts and community leaders, covering science, social trends, community impact, holistic health, and prevention behaviors. Speakers will respond to questions and reflections from the community.

“In the end, our conversation will come full circle for a wrap-up analysis, providing listener take-aways,” Roberson said.

The podcast was created in collaboration with the Center for Community Media, a full-service media production, teaching and research center at Governors State.

The podcast is just one of several strategies GSU has engaged in to help the community cope with the pandemic, which has brought the problems of health disparities into view. “CHHS faculty, staff, and students have all responded by springing into action on multiple fronts,” said Dr. Catherine Balthazar, Dean of CHHS.

Tune in on Oct. 15 for the first episode, "COVID-19: What is the Problem & Its Impact," with Dr. Karreim Watson, Director of Community Engaged Research and Implementation Science at the University of Illinois Cancer Center, and Christina Ruiz Williams, graduate student at Governors State University.