University Park, IL,
17:33 PM

Gov. Pritzker Welcomes New School Year at GSU

Contact: Zion Banks

Governors State University



For Immediate Release

University Park, IL – Illinois Governor JB Pritzker attended the 50th Anniversary Convocation Ceremony on Monday Aug. 26, at Governors State University to welcome in the new school year in a show of support for higher education.

Attended by nearly 1,000 faculty, staff, students, elected officials, alumni, and university trustees, the ceremony was made more auspicious by the anniversary of the university’s founding in 1969.

“In just 50 years, Governors State has pioneered education and powered the Southland. And you've done it all while putting nontraditional college students at the forefront, opening up the doors to higher education here in Illinois. That’s a mission that our state should hold up as a point of pride,” Pritzker said.

A recently resolved budget impasse under a previous administration was a point the governor brought up to underscore his support of higher education. In addition to granting a near five percent increase, Pritzker also implemented a new $3 billion capital plan Rebuild Illinois for higher education institutions. More than $30 million is earmarked for capital repairs at GSU.

“When we invest in higher education, we’re supporting innovative communities. We’re supporting the future of our state. We’re building a state where curiosity and ambition know no bounds.”

In a ceremony full of all the pomp and circumstance usually reserved for year-end commencement, students and alumni were highlighted, and select faculty and staff received awards for excellence.

GSU President Elaine P. Maimon said Pritzker has created an “educational momentum” that has helped produce the largest freshman class in GSU’s history.

“50 years ago on July 17, 1969, Governor Ogilvie signed the statute that created Governors State University. Today, Governor Pritzker leads the state of Illinois with a revived commitment to public higher education and to GSU’s ideals,” Dr. Maimon said.