University Park, IL,
13:03 PM

From Our Homes to Yours: the Family Development Center Supports Families

The Family Development Center (FDC) at Governors State University may have closed due to the pandemic, but their hearts have not. With the classrooms now empty, FDC staff and early childhood education professors have been working to support parents by sending home food, diapers, and wipes, as well as by creating activities and recording videos for children and their families. 

The videos include staff reading books and demonstrating simple activities for young children, as well as sending encouraging messages to the families.

FDC Director Erin Soto understands that this is a stressful time for parents. 

“Many families are out of work or trying to juggle this crisis while working from home with children. I want parents to know that this isn't a time to try to do it all. None of these activities are required. What is required is for parents to make sure their own cup is full. If these activities provide some continuity and comfort, by all means, take what is valuable to you. If they cause stress or burden, let them go. The most important thing right now is the emotional stability of the families." Soto said. 

Click the links below to see what the FDC staff have been work on:






 FDC Director Erin Soto reads Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!






Early Childhood Adjunct Professor Deb Clark reads stories at home.






Mr. Paul saying hello to the kids






Ms. Krystle's Sunflower Infant Toddler Classroom






Ms. Johna's Wind Chime Preschool Classroom