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First-generation college student makes her mark on GSU

Graduate Profile: Lluvia Hernandez Aguirre

Lluvia Hernandez Aguirre

Lluvia Hernandez Aguirre may have found the start to college a little jarring as a first-generation college student during the pandemic, but with hard work, she adapted and thrived amidst the challenges. Now she's set to graduate this spring with a Business Administration major and Psychology minor from Governors State University (GSU).

While Lluvia's start to college may not have been typical, she soon found her footing as classes returned to on-campus learning in her second year. She discovered Association for Latin American Students (ALAS), where she felt a sense of belonging. With new connections, Lluvia branched out, joining the Student Senate, the Board of Trustees as the student representative, and New Student Programs (NSP) in the Academic Resource Center as an NSP Leader. 

With such an active presence on campus, Lluvia has undoubtedly left her mark on GSU and anticipates her upcoming graduation knowing she will leave her mark wherever she lands.

GSU Newsroom: How did you choose GSU?

Hernandez Aguirre: Choosing GSU was pretty easy. I graduated from a high school in the next town over which is how I learned about GSU. What attracted me, however, was the prestige of the business and psychology programs and the relatively affordable price tag. My decision to continue my education here was even easier because as someone who is pretty active on campus, I have come to be familiar with many of the professors, deans, and students here, and because of that I knew that I would be receiving a valuable education here. 

GSU Newsroom: What are your dreams or plans for your degree and life beyond GSU?

Hernandez Aguirre: Some of my post-graduation plans include pursuing my MBA here at GSU as well immediately after graduation. After completing that, I would like to go into Human Resources and build my skills and knowledge until I reach the title of President of HR. At the same time, I also want to get the ball rolling towards building my own nonprofit organization - an orphanage to be exact. 

GSU Newsroom: How did GSU help you achieve your dream?

Hernandez Aguirre: GSU has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence that I need to be successful in my chosen field. And I am confident that as I continue through the Masters program, these will only be enhanced through my courses and experiences. As a first-generation Mexican-American student, it has been my dream to graduate college with all the confidence in the world that I can and will make my mark on the world the way my parents and I have always wanted. GSU has given me the resources needed to do that.