University Park, IL,
12:01 PM

Dr. Mort Maimon Asks Other to Support New Majority Students' " Marathon Endeavor "

In an opinion piece recently published by "Inside Higher Ed," presidential spouse Dr. Mort Maimon, explains why he and wife, GSU President Elaine P. Maimon, support college students who form a new majority of those seeking college degrees.This group includes first-generation students, students of color, adult learners, and military veterans whose journeys are complicated by lack of food, finance, and housing.

"While I don't know specifics of their situations, I do know their earning college degrees requires a marathon endeavor which, if completed, will transform their lives and, in a meaningful way, the lives of those who commit to helping them,'' Dr. Maimon wrote in the piece published  on June 28. 

Though the Maimons give generously to help educate students and the institutions that support them, Dr. Maimon admits he is reluctant to discuss the contributions. 

"I value greatly my sense of privacy. I suspend it now for an urgent reason. I'd like to convince others in higher education administration with the ability to do so to consider joining us in supporting students in need. This is the time to become involved."

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