University Park, IL,
11:02 AM

Donald Culverson, Ph.D.


Racial Inequality Expert

Dr. Donald Culverson is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Social Justice Studies. He completed both his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in political science.

Before joining Governors State, Professor Culverson served on the faculty at universities across the U. S. in African American Studies and Political Science Departments. His major focus is on understanding and explaining racial inequality and its impacts on the whole society, rather than viewing them as a problems only affecting people-of-color communities.

Dr. Culverson’s research sheds light on both historical and contemporary influence of globalization on:

  •  Domestic politics
  •  Economics 
  •  Society

He is the author of a book on grassroots activism against South Africa’s apartheid system, and co-author of a book on women’s agency in Nollywood and African diaspora films.

His current research examines the relationship between retail redlining (the concentration of low-level enterprises like fast food outlets, gas station/convenience stores and dollar stores) and underdevelopment in African American communities (selling substandard goods and services, worsening health resulting from food insecurity, exploiting their social and political deficiencies, and keeping them from attracting better quality providers).  

Relevant Works

Donald R. Culverson, Contesting Apartheid: U. S. Activism, 1960-1987. Rutledge, 2019.

Dr. Culverson is available to talk about the systemic causes and effects of racial inequality and any of the areas mentioned above. If you would like to arrange an interview with Dr. Culverson, please contact Zion Banks, Media & External Relations, 708.235.7685 or