University Park, IL,
14:24 PM

Director of the Counseling and Wellness Center Welcomes Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Spring 2021 semester! While we are excited for a fresh academic experience, we are all also facing many challenges during this time from social justice unrest, the COVID pandemic, to personal trials and tribulations. You may be finding yourself with decreased access to friends, family, and extracurricular activities and problems at home can be magnified while you transition to online learning. These situations can impact mental and emotional well-being creating and possibly intensifying feelings such as loneliness, stress, and anxiety.

These feelings you may be experiencing are normal. Many people are coping with similar difficulties in adjusting to the challenges they have never faced before. Listed below are several things you can do to help positively manage your mental and emotional health as we continue in our season of transitions and welcome a new semester:

  • Create a schedule. This will provide structure for your daily tasks, increasing the likelihood of achieving your goals. A schedule can ensure you consistently accomplish nurturing tasks such as regularly eating meals and getting at least 7 hours of sleep to sustain your mind and body.
  • Develop new positive coping strategies. Try writing in a journal or doing a mindfulness activity. You may check out alternative ways to exercise (since gym access is more limited) utilizing low tech or simple means of physical activity such as going for a walk or a run, maybe streaming a workout on-line.
  • Schedule time to connect with friends and family. Whether you use an online platform like Zoom or make a phone call or reach out via FaceTime, it is important to schedule time with our support persons. With limited ability to maintain physical contact, scheduling time to connect becomes essential.
  • Access support services. GSU offers many services that are accessible remotely. From Student Affairs, Career Services, Counseling and Wellness Services, Academic Resources, among others, GSU staff and faculty are available to provide support to GSU students remotely during this challenging time.

Rember, the Counseling and Wellness Center is here to support you. Our office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and offers free, confidential telecounseling services. GSU students can contact us at 708.235.7641 or to schedule an appointment.

Have a great spring semester!

Freddy Tung

Director of the Counseling and Wellness Center