University Park, IL,
16:37 PM

Crete Monee, GSU Students Share Views on "The Hate You Give"

Students from Crete Monee High School (CMHS) recently visited a Governors State University (GSU) interdisciplinary class to share their perspective on a popular movie “The Hate You Give” with college students.

Exploding with themes of identity, race, and social justice, “Hate” is based on a young adult novel by the same name. Characters, plot lines, and variations between the movie and the book were central to discussions between CMHS students who were paired with GSU’s first-year students.

Teamed up, students compared notes for a quiz, and winners sported GSU-themed prizes.

Kristy Goodwin, GSU’s Director of the College Pathways Program, said each Crete Monee student who attended the class,  taught by Professor Crystal Harris, won a valuable lesson.

“Having a college classroom experience with high school students is one—if not the best—way for them to witness college culture. I want these students to know that what they learn in the College Pathways Program, can actually be put into practice at GSU,” Goodwin said.

In 2018, GSU and CMHS signed a partnership agreement, establishing College Pathways to help advance the goals of student success at CMHS. Under the partnership, CMHS students participate in college readiness workshops and participate in on-site activities at GSU.

The recent campus visit was part of the outreach, which Crete Monee High School Principal Marjorie Triche, called invaluable.

“The kids will go on college tours, sure, but to be able to sit in a college classroom and discuss a book they’ve read—that’s priceless.”