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Corporate Attorney Testifies: Governors State Made her Dreams Come True

Receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration at Governors State University in 2014, Kayla Siam is clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was GSU that prepared her for law school.

As a corporate attorney with Chicago’s prestigious Seyfarth Shaw, Siam feels a sense of accomplishment that she says is result of her Governors State experience. By utilizing the abundant resources and connections available to her, Siam’s “big dreams became possible.

 “It was as if a team of people rallied behind me to help me reach my goals,” Siam said.

Why did you choose Governors State University?

Prior to attending Governors State, I was enrolled as a student at Joliet Junior College. It was there that I learned about the Dual Degree Program (DDP), where community college students had access to the services and resources at GSU and were also assisted through the transfer process while earning their associate degrees. Through this program, I was also awarded the GSU Promise Scholarship which made my access to higher education more attainable.

What do you remember most vividly about your time at Governors State?

The people! I made so many valuable connections that I still cherish to this day. Even after graduating, I’ve still kept in touch with many of my past business professors, DDP students, and even employees of the Alumni Association and GSU Foundation.

How did your GSU degree help you advance your career?

Again, I must emphasize the people at GSU, particularly the staff and faculty. Once I set my mind to attend law school —which happened right before I started attending GSU—it was as if a team of people rallied behind me. DDP helped me with my resume, Career Services provided me with numerous internship opportunities to further develop that resume, Student Life (now Center for Student Engagement and Intercultural Programs) helped me improve my leadership skills and social media presence, the Alumni Association connected me with an Alumni Attorney for informational interviews and shadowing opportunities, and a number of my business professors helped me with law school application personal statement and offered letters of recommendations. I was the first person in my family to apply to law school, and GSU provided me with an abundance of resources to help me navigate the process.

What are you most proud of when you look back on your GSU experience?

I’m most proud of how I made the most out of my experience while at GSU. I was one of those students who was involved in many aspects of the university, from sitting on advisory committees, to being involved with many clubs and organizations, to sitting as the university’s Student Trustee. I truly “leaned in” to my educational experience.

What advice would you share with current GSU students?

Make the most out of your experience at GSU! Whatever your aspirations may be, GSU can not only help get you there, but they can connect you to external resources—such as alumni - that can help you make informed decisions while following your career path and pursuing your goals.

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