University Park, IL,
13:03 PM

Congratulations, Class of 2022!

Karen Caesar

 On behalf of the University Events Office, I want to shout my biggest congratulations to each of you. If we have had the pleasure of meeting in person, you likely know that it is truly with a shout—and maybe a few notes of song—that I celebrate you. While our office performs many functions and roles throughout the year, it is this moment of Commencement where we shine brightest. I write this knowing we can only do our best work because you have done the hard work.

The return to an in-person Commencement ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate and  take a moment, or two, to soak in the culmination of hours and days, weeks—and years—of defining and determining your path through GSU. We hope that at this in-person ceremony, you relish the beautiful and welcomed chaos of the day. Look around. Breathe deeply. Take a mental snapshot. This is a big deal.

As we plan Commencement, we consider each of you. We think about the ways you have worked hard to get to this day. We consider our student-parents who stayed up late finishing homework after they watched soccer practice and put kids to bed. We consider our first-generation students who etched out a new tradition in their lineage. We consider the grandfather who, in returning to school, became an example of lifelong learning in action. Each year, our hearts sing with stories of your journeys to complete or advance your education.

While your deans and professors will offer strong words of wisdom and advice during the ceremony.  I want to add my proverbial two cents as the Commencement Officer of the University that will soon be your alma mater.

Commencement is a glorious day and I want you to hold on to this fabulous feeling as long as possible. Remember it long after we all go home. In fact, always savor your wins, and make space to celebrate the wins of others, too. Say ‘thank you’ often and be generous in your gratitude (quick reminder to thank all of the people who supported you in this particular GSU journey). Clap loud and long for the people around you. Not just today—for a lifetime.

Finally, be sure to come back around to see us and help support the next generation of Jaguars.

Way to go, Graduate! We are so proud of you!

Karen Caesar,

Director and Commencement Officer

Governors State University