University Park, IL,
17:12 PM

Colton Krska

One of Colton Krska's first experiences at Governors State Unviersity (GSU) was sitting in on an honors class as part of the interview process for the Presidential Scholarship, prior to his freshman year. He quickly knew he was in the right place.

“Even before my freshman year I knew the Honors Program was something I wanted to be a part of when I eventually came to GSU,” Krska said.

Krska was awarded the 2018 Presidential Scholarship, a full ride scholarship that covers housing and meals as well as assists with books---and quickly took steps to join the Honors Program. For him, GSU changed how he perceived honors programs.

“In high school I thought it meant more difficult tests and extra classes, but it’s actually just about creating a community of high achieving students.”

This community is what Krska views as the highlight of his time at GSU so far, as well as the main benefit of the program. The honors classes where Krska works closely with his peers offer opportunities of their own.

“My roommate and I did a project in class on the struggles of international students and presented that information at the Illinois Honors Conference.”

The accounting major handles the Honors Program Student Council finances as its treasurer and helps to budget and plan for events hosted by the program, like trips to Chicago and events on campus to promote community and enhance the learning experience.

“It helped me to view learning as a continual process and not just something that is done in class. College will end, but you need to know how to continue learning. It’s a lifelong pursuit.”

Krska plans to graduate next summer with his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and will continue through for his master’s degreen in accounting as well to prepare him for the CPA. His time in the honors program has prepared him for this.

“The program has made me a more well-rounded student, helped me network, and made me more prepared to tackle the things you can’t teach in a classroom.”

One of these major benefits is interpersonal skills, something he encourages current and future jaguars to not be afraid of.

“Participate and be involved with the program. If you choose to not participate, you can’t receive any of the benefits so don’t be afraid to ask questions and reach out to members you know of.”