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College of Health and Human Services Graduate Profiles

When 2020 graduate Daj’za Mitchell went to a speech pathology appointment with her father, for a traumatic brain injury he sustained in the military, she had no idea she was about to discover her dream job. After transferring to GSU through the Dual Degree Program, she saw those dreams come to fruition.

"It feels like it’s all coming full circle: from going to that appointment with my father to now graduating with a degree in it.”

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As a 2020 graduate of the intensive Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Tyler Dunn recognizes the importance of the GSU community in completing her degree. From her professors, to her cohort, to the clinical experiences with agencies in the area, Dunn views the relationships she made on and off campus as some of the most valuable experiences.

"Ultimately, your experience at GSU is what YOU make it, whether you are a non-degree seeking, undergraduate, master's, or doctoral student: take advantage of resources, get involved, find your 'people,' be resilient, and lean on your support system!"

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When Neha Upasana was researching universities to pursue her Master's in Health Administration as a nurse in India, Governors State quickly became the obvious choice. Now she reflects on how the university lived up to the three essentials she looked for as an international student.

“The first thing you look for is acceptance, and the diverse community at GSU are so welcoming and accommodating.”

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A six time cancer survivor, Eloise Orr juggled being a bilingual teacher for Chicago Public Schools while working towards her Master of Health Science in communication disorders at Governors State. As the semester ends, the 2020m graduate reflects on her path to graduation.

“It’s taken all that experience for me to get where I am now."

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