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Ask HR

Governors State University's Human Resources (HR) Department recently hosted an Open House for faculty and staff to connect names with faces and share refreshments in an informal setting.

In the coming year, HR plans to host a variety of events to address issues that are important to the Governors State community.

Meanwhile, here are a few commonly asked questions (and answers) to help the entire community:



Q:  Where do I find the forms to contribute to a deferred annuity to begin/increase my tax deferred money?

A: Effective, Jan. 1, 2020, university employees will be allowed to register and enroll in the state of Illinois deferred compensation program (457) directly on the T. Rowe Price website.Please take a look at what’s coming:

Click here to follow the dashboard and video link.

The enrollment forms for the state of Illinois deferred compensation plan (457) may still be used until Dec.31, 2019.These forms can be found here.

Q: What is a deferred annuity?

A: A tax deferred annuity is a voluntary defined contribution plan designed to have tax favored status under section 403(b) of the internal revenue code, which helps you to save money for your retirement while reducing your taxable income.For more information regarding this benefit, please visit your HR benefits team or visit our website.


Q: Will there be a GSU policy manual to address workplace issues, i.e., dress code etc.?

A: Human Resources is working on a guide for managers to address these and other important topics. However, each department has unique needs and requirements, so we rely on them to enforce rules/policies that apply to their own areas.


Q: What is the time frame for converting Administrative and Professional positions to Civil Service positions?

A: We have taken a methodical approach of correctly classifying all new positions, promotions and transfers.We do this by focusing on previous position audit findings, then through attrition.If during future audits positions are cited, they will be reviewed, analyzed, and converted upon discovery. We are developing a plan to work with managers to reclassify the staff in their respective departments.


Q: What are the tuition benefits for ASP/faculty?

A: Faculty and academic support professionals may be given tuition waivers, but only for GSU.Tuition waivers for some other state institutions will not be approved, except for those employees who are civil service. Please refer to your union contract for clarification.


Q: When will the new cost for medical insurance be communicated?

A: We do not have the rates yet and there has been no indication from Central Management Services (CMS), the operational engine that delivers efficient, reliable services to state employees, as to when they will be released. We will publish them once we receive them from CMS.


Q: Does GSU have short term disability for maternity leave?

A: There are two answers to this question:

  1. Employees can use their earned sick/vacation time to cover their maternity leave by applying for FMLA.
  2. There is a policy that can be purchased to cover short term/long term illnesses. There are, as with all insurance, restrictions. Contact Joan Johns Maloney at or call x4131 for more information.


Q: Are there plans for a wellness program?

A: Yes.We will be exploring a Wellness Program in the spring of 2020.


Q: When is the Human Resources newsletter coming out?

A: HR will be updating you on what is happening and how that impacts your employment here at GSU in addition to other relevant information. Please look for it in the coming weeks.


Thank you!