University Park, IL,
14:53 PM

A Special Message from President Maimon

2016 has been a disturbing year. The sequence of national tragedies has affected all of us. Event after event has caused us to stop, mourn, and reflect. For students, in the process of learning about their place in the world and their responsibilities to the various communities of which they are a part, these events can be especially disturbing.

Rest assured, GSU remains a safe place. A place to hold difficult conversations. A place to explore issues, theologies, and beliefs. A place where differences are embraced and respected.

Universities, especially ours, are places of safety and exploration. Regardless of our experiences, beliefs, or backgrounds, we come together, forming a community where students, along with faculty and staff, are both encouraged to explore new ideas and supported as they do so.

One of Governors State University's greatest strengths lies in our diversity. Age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability – by any measure, GSU has always been a diverse campus. These differences strengthen us.

In the weeks and months to come, GSU will announce a variety of ways in which members of our community can explore and share their thoughts and fears and discuss possible solutions. We will continue our tradition of addressing the tough issues, of finding ways for our students, faculty, and staff to express themselves in a respectful way while listening to others doing the same.

As always, GSU offers counseling to help deal with the pressures, fears, and anger many of us are experiencing. Please reach out if you need help exploring your feelings, if you have a specific issue you would like assistance with, or if you just need to talk.

GSU is a family. And, like a family, we support each other. That will never change.