University Park, IL,
12:36 PM

A Sisterhood of Doctors

For Immediate Release

University Park, IL - History was made this week at Governors State University (GSU) when eight African-American women received their doctoral degrees. GSU is located in the southernmost part of Chicagoland and is one of several public universities feeling the pressure of the budget stalemate in the state’s capitol. Despite funding difficulties, GSU continues to grow and recently established an innovative Interdisciplinary Leadership Doctorate Program that was rated in the nation's Top Online Doctorate Degrees in Education for 2016. The program is unique in that it has four specializations: Superintendent (PK-12), Public Safety, Higher Education Administration, and Social Entrepreneurship (Nonprofit). These eight women are part of its second graduating class.

The names of the new graduates are: Tiffany Gethers, Nakee Holloway, Shaniqua Jones, Iyana Mason, Okeycha Pettigrew, Carla Peterson, Lisa Wallace, and Kimberly Wesley. Individually, these women have met formidable challenges on their paths to a doctorate, and they are collectively writing a book about their journeys. Their stories include overcoming domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, rape, homelessness, poverty, cancer, and other heart-rending experiences. In addition to these extraordinary circumstances, the women juggled the daily struggles of jobs, family, and financial stress. To weather their storms, they networked together and created a "sisterhood" of support. These amazing women are Chicago's future leaders. Each one represents a story of resilience, inspiration, and hope.