University Park, IL,
06:26 AM

4 Ways to Beat the Heat

Hello, summertime.

Oh, how we missed you and your bright swaths of sunshine painting pools of warmth for us to lay in like cats. How we pined for you in February when the trees were bare and skies steely gray. We begged for you in April when you teased us with balmy spells and spring's first greening.

Oh summer, how we wish you would back off now.

We get it. You're here. It's hot. Yes, we knowit is June after all. But could you turn it down just a little bit? Give us an easy 86 instead of 94 degrees with humidity hovering between sky-high and you'd-think-it-was-raining.

No? All right. Carry on, and we'll find a few ways to cope.

1. Hydrate Water, water, water. This one is so simple. If you stay hydrated, you'll feel better. Sweat is the body's built-in air conditioning, and when we sweat, we lose water. Keep yourself replenished as a first step in staying comfortable in high temperaturesespecially if you're outdoors.


2. Dress for the weather – Fashion surrenders to function, especially in the heat. Avoid tight-fitting clothing that can trap in warmth, opt for natural fibers that "breathe" better (there's nothing like a hot day to remind you that polyester is, indeed, plastic), and try to choose lighter colors. Darker shades absorb heat. Oh, and if you can, leave the backpack at home. The less you carry, the less you exert yourself. 


3. Let electronics sleep All those gadgetsthe monitors, laptops, tablets, and even smartphonesgenerate heat. And believe it or not, that ambient heat affects your overall body temperature and comfort. So turn them off when you can, and make sure your screens are set to hibernate fairly fast when they're not being used. It makes a difference.


4. Take a swim Although the lagoon is reserved for egrets and nesting geese, GSU does have an Olympic-style indoor pool in the Recreation and Fitness Center. Pool hours are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays, and the facility is closed on Sundays during the summer. Drop in and take a dip! For more information, call 708.534.4556.