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2018 Election Opinion

Professor Vincent Jones: "Seize the Moment"


On Tuesday, Nov. 6, our nation will face a moment when we will be judged by what we do—or fail to do.

  - Professor Vincent Jones

It may have been a childhood dream: one day you would do something, or become someone, truly great. The mere prospect of this happening may have inspired or propelled you through moments in your childhood and adolescence. Invariably, however, life intruded and the moments devolved into the very real routine of managing one’s own self. In an instant, the moment passed, and the dream was back-burnered.

However, once again greatness is knocking at your door and inviting each of you to step forward and be counted.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, our nation will face a moment when we will be judged by what we do—or fail to do.

History will record what America does in this important moment, just as she recorded Washington crossing the Delaware, Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation, and King reciting his “Dream” for America.

Should women have equal rights and a choice about what happens to their bodies? Do immigrants have a reasonable expectation of a path to citizenship no matter which part of the world they originated from? Is a booming U.S. economy the cure all for all of society’s ills, and will the country stay the prosperous course? Should minorities expect justice from a broken criminal justice system? Will foreign allies continue to collaborate with the United States, or will they fraction and create new factions which do not include us?

These are but a few of the questions that we are being asked to answer in the upcoming election. The direction of the nation, perhaps the world, is in our hands.

Notwithstanding all of the unanswered questions we face, one stands out from all others: will you vote?

Regardless of the election outcome, history will regard our collective decision to vote or not with either respect and reverence or shame and disapproval.

The moment for each of us to raise our voice in an American chorus has arrived. Don’t miss it.

Vote on or before the November 6 midterm Elections.

The world is watching to see if we seize the moment!

The author is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice. Illinois voters and Indiana must register in person by Oct. 9. Visit the Illinois State Board of Elections to learn more about voting in Illinois. For more details on Indiana elections, visit