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17:29 PM

2018 Admitted Student Day

Sophomore Marina Ibrahim had already decided to attend Governors State University when she signed up for 2017 Admitted Student Day.

What she didn’t expect was such a warm and helpful staff who helped her navigate the campus – and find a job.

“I’m really glad I attended,” said Ibrahim, now a GSU Student Ambassador and an elite 2017 Presidential Scholar. “It was a good experience to see the school in a different way,” she said.

If this were a class, Ibrahim would be a star student who maximized the pre-enrollment experience, and has since taken advantage of all that GSU has to offer.

“Admitted Student Day is for a student who has been admitted but hasn’t made their decision yet, or maybe they have made their decision but still wants more information between now and the fall,” said Lise’ A Schneider, Coordinator of Admissions Events and Communication at GSU.

The university has already sent out acceptance letters to incoming freshman. On April 14, Admitted Student Day will be another chance for members of the incoming freshman class to meet each other.

They can also confirm their enrollment by placing a $50 deposit—a move that triples their investment, as it comes with a $200 bookstore scholarship.

Representatives from Admissions, Financial Aid, and Campus Housing make brief presentations on Admitted Student Day about the university and its unique First-Year program.

The personal touch seems to win over parents and students, Schneider said, adding students and families feel a sense of community at GSU with its small class sizes, supportive faculty, and a highly specialized First-Year program. “It’s very small, it’s very unique, it’s cohort-based. It’s really hands on.”

Another opportunity for new students to visit campus is College Signing Day, an initiative launched in 2014 by former First Lady Michelle Obama to celebrate academic achievement.

During GSU’s 2017 College Signing Day celebration, refreshments were served; President Elaine P. Maimon welcomed students, and like this year’s upcoming event, students who paid their $50 deposits received $200 bookstore scholarships.

Two different events with one mission, Schneider said. “Our goal is to connect with students.”

Ibrahim felt the connection.

She wants to be a physical therapist one day and had an offer to attend another school.

Ibrahim is glad she chose GSU. “I am happy with my choice because of the numerous opportunities GSU offers. First, it has my intended major. In addition, GSU is located near my hometown, allowing me to experience the traditional college experience, and to always be near my family and loved ones. Last, GSU offered me a debt-free college education through the Presidential Scholarship.”

College Signing Day will be May 9 from 5:30 - 7 p.m. RSVP here by May 7.

Admitted Student Day will be April 14 from 10 a.m. - noon. A second date is pending.

RSVP here for Admitted Student Day.